Do you have the willingness to serve?

East End Area of Narcotics Anonymous
Monthly Area Service Committee

The East End Area of Narcotics Anonymous conducts monthly business meetings called Area Service Committee (or ASC) meetings. We rely on volunteer Trusted Servants from home groups in our area to fill the positions in the table below. Those highlighted in red below are vacant and urgently need to be filled. (Updated 6/4/2017)

We suggest anyone interested in any of the positions below, or any NA member who would like to learn more about NA service at the Area level attend our open monthly meetings:

First United Methodist Church
Parlor Room
5401 Centre Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

First Saturday of Every Month at 12:30 PM

Position Term of Service Name Clean Time Abbreviated Description
Chairperson 6/1 – 5/31 Moryssa G. 2 years Conduct the monthly Area Service Committee (ASC) meeting
Vice Chairperson 6/1 – 5/31 Dan S. 1 year Learning position. Assist with Chairperson duties and serve as chairperson in their absence
Secretary 6/1 – 5/31 Sandy M. 1 year Record the minutes and distribute the agenda for the ASC meeting
Vice Secretary 6/1 – 5/31 VACANT 6 months Learning position. Assist the Secretary and serve as secretary in their absence
Regional Committee Member 6/1 – 5/31 Bill C. 2 years Represent EEANA at the Tri-State Regional meetings; provide reports back to ASC
Alternate RCM 6/1 – 5/31 VACANT 1 year Learning position. Assist the RCM and serve as RCM in their absence
Treasurer 6/1 – 5/31 David K. 2 years Maintain finances of the ASC; Provide monthly reports
Vice Treasurer 6/1 – 5/31 VACANT 2 years Learning position. Assist the Treasurer and serve as Treasurer in their absence
Area Board Representative 6/1 – 5/31 Sean D. 2 years Represent EEANA at Board of Directors meetings; provide reports back to ASC
Alternate ABR 6/1 – 5/31 VACANT 2 years Learning position; Assist ABR and serve as ABR in their absence
P&A Chairperson 12/1 – 11/30 VACANT 2 years Maintain Service Committee Guidelines and facilitate P&A Subcommittee
P&A Vice Chairperson 12/1 – 11/30 Ethan D. 1 year Learning Position; Assist P&A Chair and serve as P&A chair in their absence
H&I Chairperson 12/1 – 11/30 Ori C. 2 years Facilitate H&I Workshops, H&I Subcommittee; Represent EEANA at Regional H&I. Provide reports back to ASC
H&I Vice Chairperson 12/1 – 11/30 VACANT 2 years Learning position; assist H&I Chair and serve as H&I Chair in their absence
PR Chairperson 12/1 – 11/30 VACANT 2 years Facilitate PR Subcommittee; Represent EEANA at Regional PR. Provide reports back to ASC
PR Vice Chairperson 12/1 – 11/30 Danielle B. 2 years Learning position; Assist PR Chair and serve as PR Chair in their absence.